Amristar Included in DELWP’s Geospatial Data & Analytics Panel

Amristar has a long history of providing Spatial Consultancy and Development services to a range of private and Government clients. In fact, the company was founded off PhD research from the University of Western Australia into highly efficient techniques to transfer spatial information over the internet. This eventually culminated in our high performance web mapping platform “Mapworks”.

As part of our spatial consultancy, and in partnership with the CRCSI, Amristar developed the M1 Validator for the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP VIC). This was a cloud based service that automated the validation of M1 forms against both spatial and non-spatial criteria using Semantic Web Technology. For more information on this project, see Amristar Delivers the M1 Validator for DELWP in Victoria.

Following on from this, Amristar was invited onto the DELWP Panel for the provision of Geospatial Data and Analytic services. This further opens the door for Amristar to provide specialist services to the Department.