Amristar Student Project with Curtin University 2020

Amristar is excited to kick off a new student project with Curtin University this year.

With the IoT market booming and wireless speeds boosted by 5G connectivity, connected traffic is really able to take off. Cars being able to communicate in real time about hazardous situations can save many lives. However, the connected traffic picture as it is typically presented has a gap – it only caters for cars, and does not offer benefits to the more vulnerable road users, including cyclists. This is of particular concern in countries where traffic is car-centric, and motorists are not accustomed to being mindful of other types of road users.

Example of a vulnerable road user This year, our Software Engineering Project group from Curtin University will develop “Expektus”, a solution which will track the location, speed and direction of vulnerable road users in realtime, enabling car navigation devices to issue subtle alerts to motorists when a vulnerable road user, such as a cyclist, crosses their path. This will encourage motorists to be extra mindful of other road users that are about to cross their paths and give way where possible.

We are looking forward to the outcomes of this project, and hope it will contribute to safer traffic for all. We welcome enquiries from any car navigation providers who would like to contribute to the outcomes.