iDelve is good for the environment!

“OEPA, as part of its 2012-2013 IT reorganisation programme, will gain significant benefit in solutions from Colosa and Amristar. The integration of Processmaker and iDelve into our technology stack promises to deliver improved efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy to our business activities including assessments, approvals, compliance monitoring, correspondence and policy development.”

Stefan Kern
Manager Information Services
Office of the Environmental Protection Authority


The Environmental Protection Authority has the objectives to protect the environment and prevent environmental harm.

The Office of the Environmental Protection Authority supports the EPA in conducting environmental impact assessments and developing policies to protect the environment. The OEPA also monitors compliance with Ministerial conditions related to approvals.


The OEPA demonstrates the benefits of the integration of an Enterprise grade BPM with an authoritative web based GIS mapping solution, Business Intelligence Analytics and an Electronic Document /Records Management system.


EPA/OEPA’s interests and regulatory involvement in the Environmental Approvals process is a prime example of enterprise workflow and business process management (BPM) that deals with information that is intrinsically linked with location and place.

OEPA have identified the need to be able to better orchestrate, track and report on their activities within their environmental impact assessment and compliance monitoring processes (determined by regulations). Combining BPM with location information and business intelligence and analytics was seen as a key strategic requirement for OEPA.

OEPA selected Colosa’s ProcessMaker and Amristar’s iDelve for BPM and location information technologies.

The Challenge

One of the challenges in the OEPA case study is that many of their approval process steps involve location information and analysis of spatial relationships, for example, how close a proposed facility may be to endangered species of flora and fauna, or drinking water sources.


Amristar’s approach to this challenge was to create a plugin that allows ProcessMaker steps to utilize the location information accessible via iDelve. Business Process Analysts can then incorporate this information directly into Enterprise Workflows, instead of “going offline” to undertake spatial analysis.

Amristar also incorporated advanced Business Intelligence Analytics and Dashboard capabilities through Pentaho (another Colosa partner), and Electronic Document/Records Management using a new plug-in for Alfresco.


OEPA gains a “one stop portal” through ProcessMaker for:

  • All their approval and compliance case files and tracked business processes
  • Embedded integration with location information and analysis tools via the iDelve plug-in
  • Day-to-day dashboard monitoring, and self-service reporting via Pentaho BI
  • Seamless integration with their State Records Compliant EDRMS
Services and Skills Utilized in Delivering this Solution
  • Business Analysis
  • Plugin development
  • Mapping
  • Software Development
  • Agile
  • SLIP
  • Data Linkage
Technologies Utilized
  • iDelve
  • SLIP
  • iConnect
  • Processmaker
  • Pentaho
  • Alfresco