iDelve 2.X licensing process update

Whether you want to evaluate an Amristar solution or build a fully integrated environment, it is useful to know the mechanics of Amristar’s license centre.
The steps and requirements involved in obtaining a running version of Amristar products are as follows:
Register for Access to the Amristar Downloads, License and Support Centre
  1. To do this click the “register” option in the menu and put in your details
  2. There will be some information flow that occurs here to verify your identity
  3. You will need a valid email address.
  4. There are several “roles” that we use to identify the right person for the right access:
    • Partner: will gain access to downloads, marketing, training, and licensing areas
    • Customer: will gain access to downloads, support and training areas
    • Licensee: will gain access to licensing areas
Download the Latest Copy of the iDelve/iConnect Installer
  1. The various products are available from the Resources > Downloads area
  2. This is where you will need the registration details you created in the previous step.
Install iDelve/iConnect On Your System
  1. See other posts in relation to installing iDelve through the “1 Click Installer” or other versions and products
  2. The installation will culminate in the program making a request for a license key.
  3. The request is sent to Amristar’s license centre where the license will be activated.
  4. The installed product attempts to contact the license centre to verify its license.
  5. If successful the product will run as a licensed installation for the grace period.
Check that the License is Running with its New License
  1. If the license is not running, check to see if you have access to the license centre.
  2. If the license is working then you are set to go for the license grace period
  3. After activation, the product will regularly attempt to reconnect to the license centre.
It is important that the system is able to access the license centre!
Login to the License Centre for Other Products, Upgrades and Plugins and License Extensions
The license centre is the one stop shop for all other Amristar products from here you can:

  1. Request license extensions
  2. Determine license status
  3. Request license enhancements
  4. Request other product licenses
  5. Reactivate licenses on a new system