Procuring Amristar Services through CUAICTS2021

Let’s be honest. Procurement processes can be long, time consuming and wearying undertakings for all parties involved. Thankfully, the WA Department of Finance has established several Common Use Arrangements (CUAs). These are panels of suppliers who have been pre-approved by Finance, allowing WA State agencies and other Approved CUA users to more easily request services from these suppliers. In addition, the Quote form comes in a standardised format, which reduces the effort required in developing a response.

For many years, Amristar has been on the CUA panel for the provision of ICT services, including the latest CUAICTS2021. Amristar is one of the panel suppliers awarded to all categories on the CUA, including:

  • Category 1 – ICT Planning, Consultancy and Advisory Services
  • Category 2 – ICT Implementation Services
  • Category 3 – ICT Operations and Management Services

If you are a WA State agency or other Approved CUA user looking to procure services via the CUA, please feel free to have a look at our CUAICTS2021 Contractor Profile for what we can provide before contacting us at