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Are you getting all you can from your ESRI investment? Being a part of the Esri developers network means we often get under the bonnet. We’ve got some ideas to share.

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A humourous take on how we fit in the ecosystem:
If Your GIS Was The Office Canteen

The Challenge

We’ve identified five challenges being faced by the Enterprise:

  1. They need the expertise in a partner to support their Esri system. …(you’ve probably got that well covered)
  2. They need to consume data from other data custodians.
  3. They often need to publish their data, securely.
  4. They need to mash it up on a web map that can REALLY scale.
  5. For ease of integration they need open API for other partners to build on.

We think our technology can help-you-help-your Esri customers sort out 2, 3, 4 and 5.

We came to a couple of conclusions:

  1. There had to be a better way to consume and share data
  2. There had to be a better way to show stuff without just painting a picture

How We ‘Power-Up’ Esri

Esri is a proven leader in GIS, with a strong base of support in its global partner network (you’re probably one of them). Advances in technology – cloud, mobility & bandwidth, are increasing what’s possible, or even just what’s wanted. Customer demands are over-stretching systems in ways that frequently exceed the original intent. The world of spatial data delivery and web-mapping is no exception to this, especially for the demanding ‘star ship’ Enterprise.


Our Products

  • Esri often underpins a successful iDelve implementation.
  • Access to data through iConnect often underpins Esri.
  • Our distinction? Custodial control and the use of native spatial data; vectors, not ‘just’ images.
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