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Home Partners
Adding rich value to you and your end customers. Amristar’s product philosophy is based on the keystones of integration and interoperability. We are committed to a strategy of engaging prospective customers around the world with the best breed of technology and implementation vendors, and established delivery partners.

Technology Partners

Our API is well road tested; designed for ease of integration with other GIS and Enterprise tools in areas such as ERP, Business Intelligence & Data Discovery, Asset Management, Workflow/Business Process, CRM and other standard enterprise productivity tools.

We are developing a range of vendor specific adapters, making life easier for developers to integrate rich, interactive maps inside common enterprise tools. We welcome collaboration opportunities with partners who would like to embed web-mapping and spatial capability into their commercial offerings. See below for some existing product partners and integrated technologies.

Microsoft Certified Partner
Oracle Partner Network

Solutions Delivery Partners

We are committed to growing a global staple of quality Solutions Delivery Partners to provide local geographic and industry expertise. We encourage developers and systems integrators to contact us, or just get on to our products and APIs and start exploring.

Our products philosophy is one of agnostic interoperability. We think you’ll find our products easy enough to stitch together with platforms and tools you are already familiar with.

PSMA Australia
Computer Associates Technology